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Pixi[e]dub Argh Rok!
love this version
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Pixi[e]dub Argh Rok!
11 February 2010 @ 10:47 am

been listening to this daily. i absolutely love how the japanese can play down their skill simply by using cuteness.

thanks to adlin for passing this on.
Pixi[e]dub Argh Rok!
07 January 2010 @ 01:11 am
 wow, i must say, it's been a helluva long time. 

must try to come back to writing more. if not for cathartic reasons, at least so i might salvage a little bit more of my self before i spazz out in a more unhealthy situation.
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Pixi[e]dub Argh Rok!
15 June 2009 @ 08:31 pm
so i haven't posted in months. been suffering from blinder syndrome and falling in love whilst stuffing my plate full of work, glorious work. and no, i'm not being sarcastic. my work is actually glorious.

not everyone gets the opportunities i do, so am feeling very blessed to have received them, and i spend my days striving to live up to being worthy of them, while stuffing my plate fuller still.

the result unfortunately, is of forgetting to take time off for myself (besides playing sims 3 just before i sleep). my body has been lethargic, i've been suffering from bad mood swings and also just lost sight of my self for a while. well, today i took time off to go for yoga after two or three months, and immediately feel the difference! am going to try and force time out to go again. especially since a longtime friend jennifer has just signed up to the same centre i go to. it's all workin' out.

anyways, it's been a long time since i've travelled properly on buses and trains, instead choosing to cab everywhere to save myself time or get a bit more sleep. this has resulted in a serious lack of time to listen to new music, and so i've been sorta stagnant musically.

just today i've discovered so many new tunes that i've stored for so long in my trusty external hdd, never to be heard of for lack of determination.

in my new-found sense of clarity and focus, i found the perfect tune to embody the spirit. albeit a rather dated tune for some.

what do you get when you cross jazz with loads of guitar shredding? you get Marnie Stern of course.

the first time i heard her was in october last year, when she burst into the global indie consciousness with her seminal album THIS IS IT AND I AM IT AND YOU ARE IT AND SO IS THAT AND HE IS IT AND SHE IS IT AND IT IS IT AND THAT IS THAT. whew. i never really got to listen to the album properly, and i still haven't.

except this song cut through the crowded bus, through my thoughts and right to me. to my clarity, to remind me to harden the fuck up.

be icy! be marnie!

it starts with a simple riff, and girly vocals soaring through the air, before it transforms into a little mish mash of thoughts and vocals. which really is just creative use of echo. it's fabulous for getting up in the morning i think, and also for getting yourself through the day. it's also good for making yourself feel accomplished, that you've conquered the day. especially with the little drum roll break down that will get your neck aching to nod in a slight head bang movement in the middle.

so shape up, life is what you make of it and see hearts where you go. check out Ruler.

learn to sing it as a mantra:


I have not slept for nights.
I look back over my shoulder just once.
That is right, nothing can hold me down.
I'll drag your body into the wild west.
But we will get out alive, this much i know.

Grabbing victory out of the jaws of defeat.
Is there no way out of the mind?
There are things to find,
Chaos is a friend of mine.

Ruler of the...
Ruler of the...

It takes pressure to make a diamond out of coal.
Staring through clothes, I can see hearts where i go.
What i need now is a gut feeling to let me know.
What i need now is a gut feeling to let me know.

Ruler of the...
Ruler of the...

I have not slept for nights.
I look back over my shoulder just once,
That is right, nothing can hold me down.
I'll drag your body into the civil war.
But we will get out alive- this much I know.

Ruler of the...
Ruler of the...

then watch the video and channel Rocky the way Marnie has:

and now for something completely different.

check out this beautiful clip from a movie called Zabriskie Point, by cult director Michelangelo Antonioni in 1970.

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31 May 2009 @ 10:52 pm

Clara Bow IT - Free videos are just a click away

fabulous flapper goodness by Clara Bow from the silent movie 'It' (1927).

often wish i was born in the past, but in a rich family of society. perhaps this year during halloween i'll be a silent movie actress and be painted in black and white.
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Pixi[e]dub Argh Rok!
27 May 2009 @ 03:22 am
Pixi[e]dub Argh Rok!
28 April 2009 @ 03:36 pm
yay for Little Big Planet!

by user danteneverdies
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20 April 2009 @ 12:36 pm
the great thing about owning one of those cool ass internet phones (mine's a nokia e71 now) is that you can basically be connected anywhere. as work gets busier, and i get less time to surf the net good and proper, the only place i can catch up on things like gaming news is when i have a couple of minutes in the toilet. seriously.

anyways, i was reading one of my fave sites: Kotaku and they've posted one of the most innovative ways to sell Super Nintendo paraphernalia.

*boobies not included.
why! by using sex of course!

the Big Sloth (as he calls himself) has both an Etsy shop and a blog dedicated to Nintendo's NES system. and he's created necklaces using everything from the above NES console, to cartridges, to power supplies, all with the trademark paper flower stuck to it.

*power supply looks sexy!

the "model" in question happens to be the wife of the geeky entrepreneur, hereby completely dispelling all rumours that guys who are passionate about video games can't get chicks. her name is Miss Berlin Deluxxxe (of course there's a xxx involved) and you can purchase her calendar here!

to check out all the stuff he has for sale, click here and here.

my favourite picture has to be this one. just cos the NES Power Glove is just too cool for school.
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Pixi[e]dub Argh Rok!
awesome evening track.
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